Body Bandit (LYRIC VIDEO)
I Taught Him (Be A Man)
Guts (Live)



“It’s not just their grooving riffs or thumping beats that make their music so infectious. Solhounds are also a refreshingly feminist and truly punk group.”
-Emelia Fournier, The Manitoban
“Solhounds play so you can feel the bass kick in your ribcage, in the best way. The band plays with immediacy and a relentless spirit. Solhounds play with fire.”
-Chris Bryson, Stylus Magazine
“You want to be so wholly involved with Roller, with the band, with the vibe of Solhounds, the vicious, righteous, mischievous rock vibe.”
-Jen Doerksen, Music blogger
“ was like a muddled wall of aggressive sound… there’s an audience for everyone’s art, because it was definitely the people headbanging at the front of the stage’s thing.”
-Ticketmomster, Music blogger